Being diagnosed with cancer is earth shattering. And its even more isolating when caregivers see you as a case to solve. Dignity Health treats cancers with expertise and empathy; because you're a person. Not a patient. 

Creative Director: Mike McKay

Writer: Clémence Pluche

AD: Luisa Betancourt

Producer: Kerwin Kuniyoshi

Mindfulness x Jewel

We're all born with the power to heal. And mindfulness is the key to bringing out the humankindness that lives in all of us. 

In partnership with singer/songwriter Jewel, we created a documentary video series to dive into mindfulness, what it means for us and our communities. 

Creative Directors: Matthew Wakeman, Jack Harding

Creatives: Clémence Pluche, Daisy Serafini

Producer: Rachel Saxon

Found Footage 

Working on found footage is no easy task. But sometimes you find that one video, that one feeling, and you know you've found humankindness.

Got props from Creativity, too.