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College students are giving the cloud the old college try. We brought together students from across the country to dive into decades of NCAA data and create new metrics, uncover insights, and make predictions.

We turned all-stars Ezana, Jenny and Javier into bobbleheads, hacked query-running basketballs, and made a hub to house it all. 



Creatives: Clemence Pluche, Mike Butler

CD: Chad Leitz, Matthew Wakeman

Photography: Justin Fantl

Brand Video 2018

If you were to look inside the cloud, what would you see? We were tasked to bring Google Cloud's new brand DNA to life in a video. We liked it, and so did Diane Greene.

Oreo cream melts faster than you think. Champagne pours down a pyramid of glasses better than you think. We concepted animations and shot logo easter eggs to tie the piece together. 

Creatives: Clemence Pluche, Flavia Gonzalez

CD: Chad Leitz, Mike McKay

Brand video 2018

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