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That Lady Thing

We dubbed it "That Lady Thing." A celebration of all things lady. The pay gap! Objectification! Workplace discrimination! Imposter syndrome! Double the standards, double the fun, right?!

For International Women's Day 2018, we concepted and built this pop-up museum experience where selfies get self-aware. 

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The Wage Gap Money


Is it a game of luck? No! It's a game of chance. The average woman misses out on about $460,000 over the span of 40 years due to the wage gap. Our money booth is meant to empower her to grab what's rightfully hers.

PS: The wage gap is real.

The money inside this booth was not. 

The Corporate Climbing Wall


Only 5% of women make it to the top. And although we know almost every industry is challenging this issue, we had to call it out. This climbing wall is definitely a lot less challenging than the climb to the top of the corporate ladder, but it's the thought and effort that counts. Right?

PS: That's me in the white boots, trying my darndest. 

The Sea of Objetification


Nicknamed the "Boob Pit," this installation is the most controversial of all our exhibits. Probably because of... the boobs. The aim here was to reclaim images that are usually intended for men. 

The Wallflowers


From afar, they look like just another selfie backdrop. But up close... they're here to drop some knowledge on your Instagram pic. These wallpapers were designed by the incredibly talented designers and art directors at Eleven.


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